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Sugar Free Royal Superior Bird’s Nest

Free of sugar, full of premium goodness

Savour the taste of top-quality bird’s nest with BRAND'S® Sugar Free Royal Superior Bird’s Nest minus the calories. Made from carefully selected premium bird’s nest sourced from the high caves of Sumatra abound with fresh air and rich minerals, its finest ingredients contain no sugar, preservatives or artificial flavouring.

Why choose this product

  • Suitable for health and beauty seekers, pregnant women, children and the elderly

Nutrition Information

Cave Bird’s Nest, Sorbital, Xylitol, Stabilizer


Can people who are allergic to food proteins consume BRAND’S® Bird's Nest?

If you are aware that you are allergic to food protein, please consult your healthcare professional before consuming it.

Does BRAND’S® Bird's Nest contain real bird’s nest? Where does the nest come from?

Yes, we use genuine bird’s nests that are harvested from Indonesia and Thailand.

Does BRAND'S® Bird's Nest contain real bird's nest? Where does the nest come from?

Yes, we use genuine bird's nests that are harvested from Indonesia and Thailand.

Why is the price of BRAND’S® Bird's Nest so high but the quality may not be as good as home-cooked bird’s nests?

BRAND’S Bird's Nest are the result of our usage of premium bird’s nests from Indonesia and Thailand. The prices also cover our high standards set for manufacturing BRAND’S® Bird's Nest in a hygienic environment to ensure a consistent taste and quality. However, home-cooked bird’s nest requires substantial time, effort and experience to prepare. In some instances, the highly valued benefits of self-prepared bird’s nest may be destroyed in the event of improper preparation.

What are the health benefits of BRAND’S® Bird's Nest?

Its well-known "cooling and nurturing" effect prevents internal dryness and thus helps to maintain youthful skin as well as a smooth and wrinkle-free complexion. It is also believed that Bird’s Nest helps to stimulate appetite, aid digestion and provides a unique pre-digested form of protein and nutrients to speed up recovery from chronic illnesses. Chinese traditions also claimed that regular consumption of Bird’s Nest or BRAND’S® Bird's Nest promotes good health and improves the resistance to the common cold.

Does the consumption of bird’s nest aggravate or help people with asthma problems?

Our products are health supplements and contain all-natural ingredients. They also serve as preventive and health-maintenance measures, and not as a cure for any ailment. As each of us comes with our own unique constitution and dietary needs, please consult your doctor if you have questions about asthma.

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Consumption Idea

Enjoy BRAND'S Bird's Nest in a number of ways:

  • Straight from the bottle at room temperature – especially convenient if you carry one or two bottles with you throughout your day
  • With the bottle warmed
  • With warm water added
  • With the bottle chilled

Safety & Technology

BRAND'S Triple Safety Cap, incorporating a triple protection mechanism, is a patented innovation of rigorous research and testing specially made to lock in the natural goodness and freshness of BRAND’S products free of preservatives.