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Triple Safety Cap

As no preservatives are added to our products, the new triple safety cap ensures you’ll always enjoy the same trusted, health-giving benefits of BRAND’S®. Having not one, but three tamper indicators, count on the triple safety cap to lock in maximum preservative-free goodness for you!

SEE the difference
with our safety band guard that drops down automatically when you twist the triple safety cap. This assures you that nobody has tampered with it. 

HEAR the difference
when the same triple safety cap pops up with a sound. This means that the vacuum inside is intact. When you hear it, you know the freshness and quality was locked in at the factory.

FEEL the difference
with the ‘bump’ on the top of the triple safety cap that has popped. Continue to twist open the cap for a healthful drink. Consume immediately after opening.

Every single drop of BRAND’S® is rigorously tested for quality. There are no less than 282 quality checks before a bottle reaches the shelves. BRAND’S® does not contain artificial additives and is a natural health food supplement for a healthy lifestyle.