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BRAND'S® partners with Science Centre Singapore

Science Centre Singapore (SCS) and BRAND’S® jointly unveiled a new brain exhibition titled “Tuning in: Brain and Body” today. The exhibition, originally from the American Museum of Natural History, has been enriched with locally developed content to show the connection between brain and body, allowing visitors to discover how their brains work, develop and evolve over time, and its impact on one’s focus and well-being.

The exhibition showcases the inside story of the human brain with a mix of artistic representation and science over seven zones, encouraging a new perspective into our own minds. Through imaginative art, vivid brain-scan imaging and dynamic interactive exhibits for all ages, visitors will be brought up to date on the latest in neuroscience, learn about the brain’s surprising ability to rewire itself in response to external stimulation and discover new technologies used to study the brain and treat conditions such as dementia.

 To highlight the strong link between brain and body, SCS and BRAND’S® have also developed five exhibits with local content. These include interactive games such as the Circadian Rhythm Game, which simulates a student ‘cramming’ for examinations and trying to balance the need to sleep and eat as regulated by one’s natural body rhythm – a familiar sight in academically driven Singapore. Visitors will also get to learn about the importance of a healthy lifestyle for the body to be at an optimum state of wellness so that we can perform at our peak.

The exhibition “Tuning in: Brain and Body” officially launched on 13 December 2014, at Science Centre Singapore, Hall F and will end in 2019 (exact date to be confirmed). Science Centre Singapore admission charges apply. For more information, please visit Science Centre website.

Highlights of the opening ceremony

Opening speech by Group CEO, Cerebos Pacific Limited & Minister, Ms Grace Fu

Visiting exhibitions co-developed by Science Centre Singapore and BRAND’S®

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